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What factors led to devastating car accident here in Kentucky?

In some Kentucky motor vehicle crashes, the factors that caused it are readily known. In others, however, understanding what happened may be a challenge. Further investigation may be required in an attempt to understand the factors that caused a devastating car accident, especially if the driver deemed responsible for it died in the collision.

Drunk driving blamed for devastating car accident

Kentucky drivers know the dangers of driving under the influence, but that does not keep some people from getting behind the wheel anyway. Other drivers do what they can to keep an eye out for impaired drivers in an attempt to keep themselves safe. Sadly, those efforts are not always enough to avoid a devastating car accident that could result in severe or fatal injuries.

Will federal regulators pass stricter requirements for truck underride guards?

Any accident involving any two vehicles can result in serious injuries and death for those involved. Car accidents involving large trucks are particularly dangerous for drivers of smaller vehicles, though, not only because of the sheer weight and size difference in the vehicles, but also because of the risk of the smaller vehicle being pinned underneath and crushed by the truck.

Work with experienced attorney to make best possible use of crash investigation reports

Last time, we looked briefly at a report by the National Safety Council which found that many states don’t do enough to collect important information about motor vehicle crashes. As we noted last time, the report found that the state of Kentucky uses standardized crash report forms which only account for five of the 23 factors examined by the nonprofit.

Report highlights states’ failure to gather important crash data

Motor vehicle accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons, some of them within the control of drivers, and some of them not so much in drivers’ control. Whenever an accident occurs, law enforcement is one of the first to be on the scene and to begin gathering information. Law enforcement officers use standard procedures and standard forms to gather crash information, and this information is valuable for crash victims who later seek compensation for injuries and fatalities.

What is the difference between personal injury, survival, and wrongful death claims?

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, a lot of injury and loss can result, depending on the circumstances of the crash. In any case, it is important for accident victims to have their case thoroughly evaluated to determine who is responsible for the crash, what damages the crash caused, and what legal claims may be available to accident victims.

DOT permanently cuts Hours of Service requirement under 34-hour restart rule

Previously, we began looking at the federal Hours of Service rules, which impose limits on the amount of time truck drivers may spend behind the wheel and prescribe periods of rest. The aim of these rules, we noted, is to ensure that truck drivers are adequately rested on the job so they don’t put other motorists at undue risk.

A brief look at the Hours of Service rules

Truck accidents, like other motor vehicle accidents, can occur for a variety of reasons. One of the common causes for truck accidents, one which has received a great deal of attention in recent years, is driver fatigue. Because truck drivers spend long hours on the road, and are often pressured by their employers to maximize productivity, they are prone to spend more hours behind the wheel than they should.

Message to cell phone manufacturers: do your part to prevent distracted driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem across the country, including the state of Kentucky. Although distraction can occur in a number of ways, mobile devices are particularly problematic. Texting while driving involves cognitive, manual, and visual distraction, and has been a focus for states in regulating the use of cell phones by drivers.  

A parent getting into a car crash costs more than you think

When a parent gets into a car crash, the cost is far more than just the expense of medications or repairing the vehicle. In fact, the economic costs of a traffic collision include medical expenses, administration costs, employer costs, property damage expenses and wage losses. Other costs include the loss of qualify of life and loss of companionship in some cases.

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