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Brain injuries, treatments and recovering the costs

A brain injury can happen in an instant, and alter the course of a victim's life, creating serious healing challenges that will be difficult – if not impossible – to overcome. Fortunately, every year doctors and medical scientists are creating new treatments and therapies to help people with brain injuries.

Birth injuries can result from inadequate fetal monitoring

When you are pregnant, you trust your doctor with your life, as well as the life, health and future of your unborn baby. Sometimes, however, doctors make mistakes that can have a devastating impact on your future. After all, they are only human. When mistakes result in serious birth injuries, however, you have the right to explore options for compensation.

Bed sores are not a normal part of nursing home life

Aging isn't always a graceful or pleasant process. It can be quite difficult to watch your loved ones decline in their final years. For some people, a loss of mental faculties can result in a need for nursing care, as dementia and confusion can make it hard for them to stay home with family. For others, physical issues, such as back, knee or hip pain, could leave them mostly bound to their bed. Nursing care may ensure proper cleaning and support.

Causes of semitruck crashes are varied, most can be prevented

Semitruck drivers shouldn't ever drive the rig if there is any questions as to the safety of their ability to do so. These large trucks can become unsafe for a variety of reasons. No matter what safety hazard exists, there is a chance that it can lead to a serious crash.

Birth injuries or death can result from certain drugs in labor

When people think of birth injuries, they commonly think of doctors who fail to intervene. When a mother or infant goes into distress, medical professionals need to react quickly to prevent potential injuries. They may also think of surgical or procedural mistakes that result in injury. An all-too-often ignored issue is the improper use of medical interventions, including medications, in labor and delivery.

A traumatic brain injury could end your professional career

It only takes an instant for an accident to change the course of your life. Maybe you were in your car, headed somewhere. Maybe you were going about your daily work routine. Perhaps you were out shopping. Suddenly, another driver slams into you, a machine at work strikes you or you slip in a puddle of spilled liquid while at the store. All of a sudden, you're dizzy and confused because you hit your head.

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