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Traumatic brain injury can represent a serious damages claim

Kentucky has its share of traumatic brain injury cases from a variety of sources, such as sporting events, automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries and other traumatic events. Brain injury is not always as easy to prove as it is to diagnose. Sometimes, brain scans do not pinpoint the injury, or they reflect a limited picture of the true extent of the damage. Medical science is beginning to learn more about traumatic brain injury and concussions, which are suffered by victims of car and truck accidents, other traumatic accidents, as well as football players and other contact sport athletes.

Signs and consequences of traumatic brain injury

Not every person injured in a Kentucky motor vehicle collision is immediately aware of the injuries suffered. A victim may feel capable of going home or may even may even hear from a physician that he or she is able to go home, then experience symptoms later than prompt a return trip to the hospital. Traumatic brain injury may or may not be immediately apparent; either way, such injuries often have long-lasting and even permanent consequences.  

New tool helps with assessing traumatic brain injury

An injury to the brain can understandably be frustrating, negatively impacting a patient's quality of life in Kentucky. However, scientists have developed a brand-new assessment tool based on the well-known Glasgow Coma Scale, or GCS, in an effort to offer more information about the severity of a brain injury. The tool may also provide more information about the prognosis of patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Early intervention is critical in cases of spinal cord injuries

In many areas of medicine, technological enhancements are making a major difference for patients in Kentucky and elsewhere. Fortunately, such advancements can be life changing. This is especially true for such conditions as spinal cord injuries.

Behavioral changes can occur after a serious brain injury

A blow to the head should never be taken lightly. Even after you receive a clean bill of health from your Kentucky doctor, you or those around you could notice that you suffer from permanent personality and behavioral changes caused by the traumatic brain injury you suffered. Learning to cope with those changes may present you with a challenge.

Police work to determine details of devastating car accident

Regardless of how quickly police respond to calls regarding motor vehicle crashes, they do not always get there in time to save the lives of those involved. In addition, the scene of a devastating car accident can sometimes be so chaotic that identifying who the driver was can be a challenge. This appears to be the case in a recent crash that took place here in Louisville on Herr Lane.

Kentucky motorcycle racers Nicky Hayden dies following bicycle accident

Driving a motor vehicle certainly comes with a certain amount of risk. We all know that motor vehicle accidents can be serious, even catastrophic or fatal, but sometimes it takes a serious accident to remind us. Readers may have heard that Kentucky native Nicky Hayden—nicknamed “The Kentucky Kid” in his time as a professional motorcycle racer—died last month due to injuries he received in a bicycle accident in Italy.

Work with experienced attorney to establish solid basis for brain injury damages

Previously, we began looking at a recent study exploring a new potential biomarker for determining the outcome of traumatic brain injuries in pediatric patients. As we noted, such studies are fairly common and the medical community is continuing to explore potential avenues for predicting patient recovery from traumatic brain injuries so as to improve outcomes.

Medical community continues searching for effective way to predict brain injury outcomes

Brain injuries can be complicated creatures, not only for those who suffer them, but also for those seeking to provide effective medical care to them. One of the challenges with traumatic brain injuries, as readers may be aware, is predicting the accident victim’s ability to recover from the injury and assessing the future effects of the injury.

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