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Lawyers Must Be Loyal, Use Independent Judgment

Attorneys have a number of ethical obligations to their clients. Violations of some of the ethical obligations can also give rise to a legal malpractice claim. One of the most frequent claims against lawyers is a conflict of interest. When a lawyer takes on representation of a client with a conflict of interest present, then it does not allow them to be independent in their judgment and may compromise another current or former client. Examples of an inherent conflict of interest include:

  • Representing both spouses in divorce proceedings
  • A current client with interests adverse to a former or current client
  • Representing businesses in a transaction with potentially adverse interests
  • Having a direct financial interest in the outcome (other than compensation for services)

Sometimes clients or parties may waive a conflict of interest, but those waivers are often suspect. Most attorneys are reputable and will decline to represent clients where there is an obvious conflict of interest or even one that is perceived. Attorneys have the obligation of discovering conflicts and should have a conflicts check system in place. Even this may fail to present a conflict of interest and one may result which may negatively impact your case.

If A Conflict Of Interest Existed, Your Lawyer May Have Compromised Your Case

If your attorney was not independent in their representation of your case, then it may have impacted you financially. If you were negatively impacted by a conflict of interest, you can pursue a malpractice claim against your attorney. The attorneys at Morris & Player PLLC frequently represent clients in legal malpractice claims. We have the experience to get you just compensation for any loss that may have resulted because of your lawyer’s malpractice.

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