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Your Rights As A Nursing Home Patient

Just because you are in a nursing home doesn’t mean your freedoms are gone and you have no rights. Both the state of Kentucky and the federal government recognize this fact and have actively put laws in place to protect you from injustices by the hands of your caregivers.

The law office of Morris & Player PLLC in Louisville is known for taking on challenging personal injury cases, including nursing home negligence and abuse claims. We will use every resource available to us to make sure you or a loved one is being treated properly and that care givers are being held accountable for any wrongdoing or violations of a nursing home resident’s rights.

The Rights Afforded To You by Law

The rights of residents in nursing home facilities are governed by federal law as well as state law. Here in Kentucky, specific protections are granted by KRS 216.515, which contains a list of 26 rights both residents and responsible family members or guardians are privy to.

Rights that most pertain to the treatment of patients and a subsequent abuse or negligence claim include:

  • The right to be fully informed in writing of all services available at the nursing home or long-term care facility.
  • The right to reasonable notice regarding a transfer or discharge and only for medical reasons, nonpayment or to ensure the welfare of the resident or other residents.
  • Freedom from mental or physical abuse, chemical or physical restraint (except in cases of emergencies or when justified in writing by a physician for a limited period of time).
  • The right to go outdoors or leave the premises (unless there are medical reasons to deny this activity).
  • The right to be informed about all medical conditions.
  • The right to be dressed suitably at all times.
  • The right to assistance with grooming and other forms of hygiene.
  • The right to immediate notification of any unexplained absence, accident, illness, disease or other unusual event concerning the resident.
  • The right to inspection reports to the facility.
  • The right to take civil action if a resident’s rights are violated or infringed upon.

Seeking Experienced, Trusted Legal Counsel

If you suspect your resident’s rights were violated or those of a loved one, then turn to the compassionate attorneys at Morris & Player PLLC. We have the necessary resources to take on the legal teams at nursing home facilities, flush out the truth and seek justice for our clients.

At Morris & Player PLLC, our lawyers are known for working tirelessly for individuals in nursing homes and for family members who have suffered because of a caregiver’s negligence. We have an excellent record of recovery that spans more than 50 combined years of handling all manner of personal injury claims. Let us put our experience and skill to work for you.

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