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Work with an experienced attorney to seek compensation for medication errors, P.2

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2016 | Wrongful Death

In previous posts, we’ve been discussing the issue of medication errors, specifically medication errors resulting from flaws in digital medication ordering systems. Medication errors, even those stemming from the use of these systems, can occur for a variety of reasons.

In some cases, such errors may be the result of a physician’s negligence in entering an order or failing to read special warnings. Error can also occur on the other end, with the pharmacy fulfilling the order, for one reason or another. When it is pharmacy staff that is responsible for a medication error, the injured patient can and should hold responsible parties accountable.

In a pharmacy environment, the pharmacist has the responsibility to obtain all necessary information and perform quality control on drugs dispensed. This includes obtaining information about the patient’s medical conditions so that the pharmacist may determine whether prescriptions are written correctly or for an inappropriate drug, paying attention to drug alerts and the availability of new drugs, correctly filing and dispensing drugs, and ensuring the rights prescriptions are given to the right patient.

Quality pharmacies, of course, are aware of these issues and implement processes to ensure staff is properly trained and errors are minimized. Errors can occur at any pharmacy, though, when staff fails to take reasonable care in performing their duties. In some cases, error may be the fault of pharmacy technician, the pharmacist, and the employer. In other cases, the pharmacist may be the sole party at fault.  Whatever the specific circumstances of the case may be, those who are harmed by the negligence of pharmacy staff should seek help to determine whether they may be entitled to compensation.