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January 2018 Archives

Substandard care can lead to birth defects and birth injuries

After spending months anticipating the arrival of your child, the time to give birth arrived. Throughout your pregnancy and through the birth of your child, you relied on your Kentucky doctor to make decisions and take actions that put the best interests of you and your unborn child first. When that did not happen, your child may now suffer from birth injuries and birth defects that forever alter the course of his or her life.

Birth injuries can result from inadequate fetal monitoring

When you are pregnant, you trust your doctor with your life, as well as the life, health and future of your unborn baby. Sometimes, however, doctors make mistakes that can have a devastating impact on your future. After all, they are only human. When mistakes result in serious birth injuries, however, you have the right to explore options for compensation.

Who is responsible for your exposure to toxic chemicals?

It may have started with simply feeling rundown, perhaps a cough or some other symptoms that were more of a nuisance than anything else. When you finally went to a Kentucky doctor, testing showed that you suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals. How did this happen, and maybe more importantly, who is responsible?

FDA to consider patient feedback on medical devices

To the average Kentucky patient, medical devices look otherworldly, as if they stepped aboard an alien spaceship for their operation. It’s hard to entrust your well-being to a machine that you know nothing about. Given the horror stories of defective device injuries, you may be apprehensive to let your provider use complex tools and implants to treat you.

Many risks of anesthesia are preventable

Surgery can be a terrifying thought to many people, especially when anesthesia is necessary. If your doctor says something along the lines of, "Not to worry, we will put you to sleep temporarily," it most likely will not reassure you. Patients may wonder if they might still feel pain while unable to move or whether they won't wake up at all.

Bed sores are not a normal part of nursing home life

Aging isn't always a graceful or pleasant process. It can be quite difficult to watch your loved ones decline in their final years. For some people, a loss of mental faculties can result in a need for nursing care, as dementia and confusion can make it hard for them to stay home with family. For others, physical issues, such as back, knee or hip pain, could leave them mostly bound to their bed. Nursing care may ensure proper cleaning and support.

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