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Even minor traumatic brain injuries are a serious matter

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2017 | Brain Injuries

One of the most common types of injury that often goes overlooked or untreated after a car accident is a minor traumatic brain injury. Often, because such injuries are not visible and because the effects can be difficult to quantify, the general public tends to ignore just how serious even a slight brain injury can be.

However, if you have ever suffered a brain injury, you know that the effects can be cumulatively devastating. If you have heard, or simply assumed, that your minor traumatic brain injury does not qualify you for compensation through a personal injury claim, you should reconsider.

An experienced attorney with an understanding of the nuances of minor TBI’s effects can help you evaluate your experience and direct you toward effective medical professionals.

The injury may be slight, but cumulative effects can be enormous

Let’s say you’re in an accident and strike your head in the process. Even if there is no other apparent physical injury, you can experience the effects of a minor TBI for over a year after it occurs.

When the brain gets even a little scrambled, the effects can be wide-spread bringing your daily routines to a grinding halt, or adding serious strain to work and personal relationships. Assuming that a minor brain injury is no big deal is like assuming that a steering wheel that can turn 95 percent of the time is no problem either.

In very practical ways, a minor TBI can compromise many operational areas of your life, like your ability to understand conversation context with a friend or colleague, or your ability to do simple things like type. It can also entail very real pain in the form of headaches and even seizures.

Beyond somewhat quantifiable effects, a minor TBI can affect your personality and your ability to think clearly or remember simple things. Like many who suffer a minor TBI, you may experience these issues for up to a year after the accident – long enough to dismantle your worklife and place immense strain on your personal relationships with friends and family.

Minor TBI’s can even lead to temporary depression that is difficult to understand and can become a self-sustaining cycle.

Needless to say, your medical care provider, or by a party considering your personal injury claim should take your minor TBI seriously.

Get help that understands what you’re going through

Building a strong case for your personal injury claim means enlisting the guidance of a professional that understands just how devastating your injury can be in the long run. While many attorneys may be capable of representing your claim, not all are truly committed to respecting the seriousness of a minor traumatic brain injury.

With empathetic guidance from an attorney, you can put your mind at ease. Proper, experienced guidance will fight fiercely to secure the most fair compensation for your injury while protecting your rights throughout the process.