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Kentucky motorcycle racers Nicky Hayden dies following bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Catastrophic Injuries

Driving a motor vehicle certainly comes with a certain amount of risk. We all know that motor vehicle accidents can be serious, even catastrophic or fatal, but sometimes it takes a serious accident to remind us. Readers may have heard that Kentucky native Nicky Hayden—nicknamed “The Kentucky Kid” in his time as a professional motorcycle racer—died last month due to injuries he received in a bicycle accident in Italy.

Hayden had been in Italy for a race several days before the accident occurred. According to news reports, he suffered a traumatic brain injury in the crash, which ended up taking his life. Some reports say Hayden had been wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, though it isn’t known exactly who is at fault. Hayden was apparently T-boned by a vehicle, though investigators were apparently not clear about the cause of the crash—whether the driver or Hayden failed to give proper attention to the road. 

Obviously, determining who is at fault in an accident like this is important, as it allows the crash victim to hold that party or those parties responsible. Certainly, though, plaintiffs aren’t always completely free from fault for their injuries, and in these cases, they need to build a strong case to maximize the defendant’s fault and minimize their own, within the facts and circumstances of the case.

In motor vehicle accidents involving catastrophic injuries, particularly traumatic brain injury, accurately assessing the extent and scope of the injuries is critical to achieving fair compensation. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney helps ensure an accident victim has a fighting chance to achieve a just outcome.


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