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Good Samaritans help out at scene of devastating car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many Kentucky residents will rush to help someone in peril without even thinking about their own safety first. These good Samaritans could even end up saving someone’s life. In fact, at least one person recently involved in a devastating car accident more than likely owes his life to several people who stopped to help.

Video footage of the crash, which took place on Highway 127, shows several people attempting to help the individuals in a pickup truck that overturned several times before coming to rest in the median. One of the men that was in the pickup was thrown out during the accident. He landed nearly 55 feet away from the vehicle.

After assessing the condition of the victims, officials at the scene called for three medical helicopters to transport them to UK Hospital. The current conditions of the men are not known. At last report, the cause of the accident was not known either. The results of the investigation will more than likely dictate whether the driver faces any criminal charges in connection with the accident.

In addition. that driver could face personal injury claims from the other victims involved in this devastating car accident. As they recover from their injuries, they are probably incurring a substantial amount of medical expenses and losing a significant amount of income. These financial losses, along with other properly documented damages, may be awarded by a Kentucky civil court if the evidence presented proves that the injuries suffered were the result of the driver’s negligence.

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