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Severe and fatal injuries result from single-car crash

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It may be both a gift and a curse that many auto accidents here in Kentucky and elsewhere only involve one vehicle. On the one hand, innocent motorists are not involved. On the other hand, those in the vehicle could suffer serious or fatal injuries as a result of the crash.

Both types of injuries occurred in a crash on a recent Thursday involving one vehicle. The car, occupied by its driver and a passenger, went off the roadway and slammed into an embankment. The car then bounced back into the lanes of travel and into the median where it finally stopped.

During the crash, both of them were thrown free of the vehicle. The woman, who was the driver, suffered fatal injuries. Her male passenger survived the accident, but after an initial stop at a local hospital, he was transferred to another hospital. At last report, he remained there in critical condition.

In addition, the investigation into the accident was also still in progress. What factors led to the crash remain to be seen. The outcome of the investigation could do more than just finalize the crash report. It could also provide the seriously injured with a starting point for a personal injury claim.

In order to prevail in such a claim, it will be necessary to show that his injuries were the result of the driver’s negligence. As with any similar claim filed in a Kentucky civil court, it will then be necessary to show that damages were sustained as a result. Successfully navigating the judicial system could result in an award of damages that could help with the financial implications that come with a serious accident.

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