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Causes of semitruck crashes are varied, most can be prevented

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

Semitruck drivers shouldn’t ever drive the rig if there is any questions as to the safety of their ability to do so. These large trucks can become unsafe for a variety of reasons. No matter what safety hazard exists, there is a chance that it can lead to a serious crash.

When a passenger vehicle is struck by a semitruck, the occupants of that smaller vehicle are at risk of catastrophic injuries. Some might suffer a fatal injury in the crash. In all of these cases, there might be claims made for compensation. Determining the cause of the crash is one necessary step in those instances. Here are some points to consider about semitruck crash causes:

Problems with the truck or cargo

Problems with the semitruck, such as improperly maintained braking system, can lead to crashes. These large trucks depend on all of the systems to work properly so that the driver can maneuver the truck safely. When any of these go out, there is a chance that the trucker won’t be able to handle the truck and trailer.

When loads aren’t secured appropriately, they can shift. Because the cargo is very heavy, the entire truck can be thrown off kilter when the load shifts. There is also a chance that some improperly secured loads might come off of the trailer, which turns them into a flying projectile. This could strike another vehicle and cause a serious accident.

Scheduling issues

Truckers sometimes try to rush because they need to make a guaranteed delivery time. Trucker who are rushing are not going to drive safely. This could mean that they are speeding or driving recklessly. They might try to skirt around regulations, such as the Hours of Service, that are in place to ensure that they aren’t driving while fatigued. It could also lead to drivers trying to eat meals while driving or doing other activities while they are operating the truck. This means they are driving while they are distracted. In some cases, more than one of these might come into the picture to cause a semitruck crash.

Other drivers

The actions of other drivers can lead to a semitruck crash. When cars cut in front of semitrucks, the drivers aren’t usually thinking about how much distance it takes to stop these massive machines. This is especially true if traffic is tight because the brakes on the truck might be hot, which can increase stopping distance even more.

No matter what the cause, crashes with semitrucks must be taken seriously by the victims.