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Did reckless driving cause the death of a loved one?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Wrongful Death

Life can never be the same when someone you care about is unexpectedly taken from you. Perhaps you were recently shocked and saddened by the death of a loved one, who just hours before had been perfectly fine and talking with you about his or her future plans in life. Sometime later, you may have received a phone call from Kentucky police, informing you that same person had been in a terrible car accident and did not survive.

Among all the thoughts that likely went instantly swimming through your brain at the time were questions regarding who was responsible for the accident and whether it might have been preventable. As you try to gain composure and do what needs to be done to lay your loved one to rest, you learn that he or she was entering an intersection on a green light when a car in the crosswise direction barreled straight through a red light and hit your family member’s driver-side door. Now, in addition to your sorrow and grief, you are angry and frustrated as well.

It’s completely understandable that you’d want to seek legal accountability against the party whose apparent negligence caused your loved one’s death. This is why there’s a process already in place in civil court that allows you to do so. By filing a wrongful death claim, you may be able to at least obtain monetary recovery for your losses, although nothing can replace your loved one’s life.

A successfully litigated wrongful death claim can offset any expenses you face associated with the death of a loved one who was killed in a car accident caused by reckless or negligent driving. A Kentucky personal injury attorney, such Morris & Player, PLLC, can guide you through the process and be on hand to answer any questions you might have. Such litigation sometimes leads to changes in traffic laws or local systems, meant to help prevent similar collisions from occurring in the future.