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An emergency room misdiagnosis can be deadly

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Without a doubt, Kentucky’s hospitals are just as busy as many others throughout the country. Emergency room personnel do what they can, but can still make mistakes. An emergency room misdiagnosis could cause your serious harm or even cost you your life.

For instance, failing to correctly diagnose a pulmonary embolism could have severe consequences. This potentially deadly condition in which a blood clot forms in your lungs requires quick and appropriate medical attention. If an emergency room doctor fails to diagnose this condition, you could be left with brain damage or damage to other organs. You could even die.

After seeing symptoms, you should undergo scans to confirm that you suffer from a pulmonary embolism. Once confirmed, you will need anticoagulants and possibly other medical intervention to save your life. You will then need to be monitored to ensure that the prescribed treatments are working and that your condition does not worsen or return.

However, if your condition is not diagnosed early enough — or is misdiagnosed — none of those steps will occur. If you survive, you may find yourself left with permanent injuries that could change your life forever. If this happens to someone you love, he or she may die.

As you can see, an emergency room misdiagnosis can have serious consequences. If the medical personnel involved failed to meet the appropriate standard of care, you may be able to pursue compensation for the injuries or death that resulted. Filing a medical malpractice claim can be a complex process. You may find it beneficial to discuss your situation with a Kentucky medical malpractice attorney.