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Recklessness while driving is more than just driver negligence

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most Kentucky residents do what they can to follow the rules of the road and watch out for others. All they want is to get where they are going safely in a reasonable amount of time. When accidents occur under these circumstances, the person responsible may be guilty of driver negligence. However, when a driver exhibits behaviors that are reckless, that is more than just being negligent.

Reckless drivers often know that they are taking unnecessary risks behind the wheel. Speeding excessively, racing and driving after drinking could be considered reckless behaviors. They may not have set out to intentionally harm anyone, but they more than likely knew they should not engage in the actions that led to harm.

If a driver engages in conduct that he or she should have realized could cause harm, it may be considered reckless and lead to harm for anyone in the way. Taking such unreasonable and unnecessary risks is more than just being negligent. When a driver’s behavior reaches this level, the odds are that someone may get hurt. When that happens, that driver’s victims may be able to pursue restitution for a variety of damages allowed under Kentucky law beyond just lost income and medical expenses.

Evidence of driver negligence is often enough to substantiate seeking many of the possible damages. Providing the appropriate evidence showing the court that the other driver was reckless could lead to an award of damages as well. To better understand the legal options and how to put together a case against a reckless driver, victims may want to seek out the advice and guidance of an attorney.

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