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Signs and consequences of traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | Catastrophic Injuries

Not every person injured in a Kentucky motor vehicle collision is immediately aware of the injuries suffered. A victim may feel capable of going home or may even may even hear from a physician that he or she is able to go home, then experience symptoms later than prompt a return trip to the hospital. Traumatic brain injury may or may not be immediately apparent; either way, such injuries often have long-lasting and even permanent consequences.  

An accident victim who has lost consciousness may have a brain injury. Impact upon collision often involves blunt force trauma to the head. However, a person with a brain injury could also appear in normal condition. The most serious and often life-threatening situations often involve extended periods of unconsciousness.

Symptoms of brain trauma may include mental confusion, speech difficulties, impaired gait or fluidity of movement, and vision or perception problems. It’s not uncommon for someone injured in a car accident to be unable to recall the moments leading up to the collision as shock and emotional trauma can affect memory. However, memory problems may also signify a problem within the brain.  

Some brain injury symptoms are much more subtle, such as sleep disruption, changes in senses of smell, touch or hearing, as well as body temperature inconsistency or even irregular menstrual cycles. The bottom line is that each person’s condition is unique, and it sometimes takes time for the full scope of a problem to develop. When such injuries are caused by another person’s negligence, there is no reason the victim should bear the full financial burden of medical treatment and other expenses related to a Kentucky car accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can help an injured victim seek compensation for damages. 

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