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Traumatic brain injury can represent a serious damages claim

On Behalf of | May 29, 2018 | Catastrophic Injuries

Kentucky has its share of traumatic brain injury cases from a variety of sources, such as sporting events, automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries and other traumatic events. Brain injury is not always as easy to prove as it is to diagnose. Sometimes, brain scans do not pinpoint the injury, or they reflect a limited picture of the true extent of the damage. Medical science is beginning to learn more about traumatic brain injury and concussions, which are suffered by victims of car and truck accidents, other traumatic accidents, as well as football players and other contact sport athletes.

In a typical rear-end collision, the rapid-fire, intensive back-and-forth movement of the head causes the brain to be knocked violently against the skull and to cause a bruising of the brain. The mechanics of this “whiplash” process is often associated with severe cervical damage to the neck and related areas, but it also may result in a serious concussion that may create a whole host of brain injury symptoms for the accident victim. A fall from a ladder and striking the cement below with one’s head can result in a similar concussion kind of injury, and there are many other traumatic accidents that can lead to a similar outcome.  

Symptoms can include chronic head pain, affected vision, sensitivity to light, memory loss, severe mood changes, dizziness, loss of balance, speech defects and numerous other injuries. In proving traumatic brain damage from auto or truck accidents, personal injury attorneys may employ the services of a medical expert called a neuropsychologist. This expert can perform a battery of tests and testify to the connection between the victim’s symptomology and the areas of the brain affected.

Various rehabilitative treatment protocols are available for traumatic brain injury. Contrary to prior medical thinking, it appears that the patient can produce new brain cells, or reinvigorate brain functions, to make improved recoveries. The extent of damage in each patient, however, is an individual matter that requires medical proof. In Kentucky, attorneys familiar with brain trauma cases are best prepared to prove the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injury.

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