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Unsafe products can lead to product liability claims

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Product Liability

Every day, Kentucky residents purchase products for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the product is intended to make a task easier to perform, or perhaps it is intended to enhance the individual’s appearance. Regardless, when the individual purchases the product, he or she expects that it will perform as advertised. Unfortunately, not all products do, and some can, in fact, be considered unsafe products.

When the consumer begins to use the product, he or she anticipates that it will perform as expected. He or she does not anticipate that the product will create injury in some way. However, if the product does cause injury to the consumer, it is possible that a valid products liability claim can be brought against the manufacturer and/or business responsible for selling the product.

Under strict liability, a claim can be made if the product contains an “unreasonable dangerous” defective part or parts that causes injury to its user. As a part of this claim, the user must also have been using the product in a manner for which it was intended to be used. Finally, the product cannot have been altered or changed in a manner that would have possibly changed the product and how it functioned.

Fortunately, most unsafe products often never make it to the Kentucky consumer. But, when they do, the results can be devastating. If this happens, there may be legal recourse available to provide come compensation for the injury while results. Experienced legal counsel can review the situation and recommend the best way to proceed.

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