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Know the basics of personal injury claims after injuries

You may have done everything in your power to avoid the devastating car accident that put you in the hospital, but like other Kentucky residents, you could not control the actions of the other driver. Now, you ended up with serious injuries that keep you from work and cost you in medical expenses, even if you have health insurance. You believe the other party is responsible for your current situation and wonder what to do next.

You have heard of personal injury claims, but do not really know much about them. Perhaps you have never had any need to see the inside of a Kentucky courthouse, and are not familiar with how the process of civil claims works. The fact is that most personal injury claims end up settling without the need to go to court. The parties involved negotiate the terms of a settlement and formalize it with an agreement.

What if forceps use results in birth injury?

The labor and delivery process is miraculous - and dangerous. Although many families give birth to healthy infants, others may experience complications that lead to injury. Medical advances have reduced the risk of these complications. However, in some cases these advances can be the reason for the injury.

One example involves the use of forceps.

What is a forceps assisted delivery? The medical experts at Mayo Clinic explain. Forceps are used to assist in delivery when the labor is not progressing or the safety of the baby is jeopardized. The process involves the use of an instrument that resembles two large spoons. The spoon shaped portions are placed around the infant's head to guide the child as it emerges from the mother.

Looking beyond tomorrow after a devastating car accident

You may not have seen it coming. All you know is that you suddenly felt and heard the violent impact. In the few seconds it took your vehicle to come to rest after a devastating car accident on one of Kentucky's roadways, your life may have changed forever.

Perhaps you suffered a catastrophic injury such as a spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury or some other debilitating injury. You may have spent some time in the hospital and may not yet be fully aware of what additional medical care you may require in the future. Even so, your insurance company, or the insurance company of the other driver or both, may have offered you a settlement. Considering the medical bills and time lost from work that you already face, you may be tempted to take it.

Brain injuries, treatments and recovering the costs

A brain injury can happen in an instant, and alter the course of a victim's life, creating serious healing challenges that will be difficult – if not impossible – to overcome. Fortunately, every year doctors and medical scientists are creating new treatments and therapies to help people with brain injuries.

The problem is, these medical treatments and rehabilitative therapies tend to be expensive and they're often unaffordable. For this reason, brain injury patients who suffered injuries because of another person's unlawfulness or negligence may want to look into various ways to pursue financial compensation from the at-fault party in court.

Damages pursuable in a wrongful death lawsuit

No one expects to lose a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle accident -- or in any kind of unexpected accident. However, these kinds of tragedies strike Louisville families from time to time. When they happen, close family members will want answers; they'll also want legal justice.

Although no amount of litigation, and no amount of financial compensation, will ever be enough to right the wrong of a loved one killed in an accident that wasn't his or her fault, financial compensation is the only way our legal system has of attempting to make surviving close family members whole after such an incident. However, in order to receive a financial recovery after losing a loved one, family members will generally need to take proactive action to pursue a wrongful death claim in civil court.

Despite laws and regulations, unsafe products make it to you

Nearly every industry must abide by laws and regulations that apply to it. This includes companies that manufacture products that eventually make their way into the hands of consumers here in Kentucky and throughout the country. As evidenced by news articles regarding product recalls that appear on a far too frequent basis, despite these requirements, unsafe products could find their way into your home.

If you suffered an injury you believe was due to an unsafe product, you may be able to file a products liability claim seeking restitution for your financial losses associated with your injury. Companies owe a duty of care to consumers to manufacture safe products and to warn them about potential hazards associated with their intended use. Establishing that a company produced a defective product or failed to warn you of a danger, and you subsequently suffered an injury as a result, requires you to meet certain requirements.

More than one devastating car accident resulted from speed

Whether someone is running late, impatient or just feels the "need for speed," many motorists travel Kentucky's roadways above the posted speed limits or too fast for the road or weather conditions. In 2016, speeding accounted for approximately 27 percent of the fatalities on the nation's roadways. Even though many people believe that speeding is not a big deal, it can easily lead to a devastating car accident

The problem is so pervasive that some states regard it as aggressive driving and include it in their aggressive driving laws, which also often include behaviors such as tailgating, running red lights or improper passing. Many public information campaigns and education programs regarding safe driving target speeding as much as they do impaired driving. In many cases, enforcement efforts have increased in school zones and other areas where public support is higher.

Birth injuries can result from inadequate fetal monitoring

When you are pregnant, you trust your doctor with your life, as well as the life, health and future of your unborn baby. Sometimes, however, doctors make mistakes that can have a devastating impact on your future. After all, they are only human. When mistakes result in serious birth injuries, however, you have the right to explore options for compensation.

Birth injuries, including cerebral palsy, can often result from inadequate fetal monitoring. Knowing how your unborn baby is dealing with the stress of labor allows medical professionals to know when intervention is necessary to ensure health and survival. Failing to monitor the infant properly can result in devastating birth injuries or loss of your child.

Who is responsible for your exposure to toxic chemicals?

It may have started with simply feeling rundown, perhaps a cough or some other symptoms that were more of a nuisance than anything else. When you finally went to a Kentucky doctor, testing showed that you suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals. How did this happen, and maybe more importantly, who is responsible?

Answering that question may not be as easy as you think. However, if you can narrow it down to a certain product, you may be looking at a potentially liable supplier and/or manufacturer. In many cases, both manufacturers and suppliers bear some responsibility because they owe a duty of care.

FDA to consider patient feedback on medical devices

To the average Kentucky patient, medical devices look otherworldly, as if they stepped aboard an alien spaceship for their operation. It’s hard to entrust your well-being to a machine that you know nothing about. Given the horror stories of defective device injuries, you may be apprehensive to let your provider use complex tools and implants to treat you.

The FDA aims to regulate these devices to make sure that they are not only safe, but as effective as possible. While the FDA already relies on pre-market testing and ongoing medical expert assessment, it will now begin listening to what patients think about medical devices as well.

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